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Selected exhibitions and projects

* ART Grant from the SWEDISH ART GRANTS committee (Konstnärsnämnden is the State Council for Culture in Sweden)
* Development of a cemetery with several playful sculptures, public order, the municipality of Skövde (Sweden)

* Aménagement d´un ensemble immobilier avec plusieurs sculptures ludiques, commande publique, la municipalité de Gothenbourg (Suède)

* Aménagement d´une cour d´école de Mörsil skolan avec mobilier bancs, commande publique, Commune de Åre (Suède)
* Exposition vente aux enchères Hôtel Drouout / Richelieu Paris organisée par le Musée Mola.

* Mobilier fauteuil rotatif sur la place publique de Mariaplan Torg à Kungsladugård commandé par la municipalité de Gothenbourg (Suède).

* Aire de repos avec mobilier tables et bancs pour cinq stations de trains/RER à Paris commandés par la SNCF (France)
* Exposition personnelle au Salon d´Art Contemporain Stockholm AA (Suède)

* “Recreational sculptures” LOBELIAN-SÖDRA HEDVIGSLUND – ÄLTA (Nacka/Stockholm) (Sweden)
* “Recreational sculptures” Badhusparken/Hyllie, Malmö City Council (Sweden)
* “Recreational sculptures” EuroDisney Marnes La Vallée, Paris (France)
* “Recreational sculptures” Park, Göteborg Malmö City Council (Sweden)
* Gallery Art & Form, Stockholm (Sweden)

2010 - 2015
* Invited to participate in various fairs, shows, contests, urban projects under 1%, and seminars. (Malmö, Stockholm, Jönköping, Paris, Nantes, Metz, Dubai, London, Puerto etc ...)
* Artistic advisor to the opera - "I Annan Himmel" Lennart Westman. Interpreted on two occasions at TOMTITS EXPERIMENT in Södertälje and at the church Skeppsholmskyrkan - Eric Ericson Hall, International Choral Centre, Stockholm. An art film was also presented at the Association of Swedish Composers (Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare) and realized at the Elektronmusikstudion Münchenbryggeriet EMS in Stockholm. (Sweden)
* Musical composition "Ballade Tangentielle Delicious Inferno" for the casting of one scene of the last movie of Roy Andersson "A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence".

* “Recreational sculptures” Guldstigen parken Falun Malmö City Council (Sweden)
* “Caravanic” Price to Trollhättan Malmö City Council nominated Cultural Capital 2014 (Sweden)
* “Entrance to FUB and RBU headquarter Göteborg (Sweden)
* Proposal GH-44095710 MUSEUM of Contemporary Art of GUGGENHEIM, HELSINKI . International competition - 2014 (Finland)
* Proposal “SPIRELISM, recreational spaces and recreational sculptures” MUSEUM of Modern Art, Stockholm (Sweden)

* "Recreational sculptures" GENICART SUD, Bordeaux (France)
* “Recreational sculptures” Saimaparken Stockholm Malmö City Council, Centre de Akalla (Sweden)

* Children playground and rest area Paris - Porte de Versailles - Parc des Expositions (France)

* Bienal Nordic Art Foundation, Oslo (Norway)
* Children playground Fittja, Norsborg, Stockholm (Sweden)

* Children playground Södertälje, center of Geneta, Stockholm (Sweden)
* Nutida Konst, Contemporary Art Center, Stockholms Folkets Hus (Sweden)

* Artist in Residence ”Recreational sculpture” Licens III , Perpignan (France) (solo exhibition)

2006 - 2007
* Project ”Stockholm Direct”(Sweden)

* Contemporary Art Center, Väsby ”Friendship IV”, Stockholm (Sweden)
* ART Gallery Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* Project installation “Miror Box” för the aesthetic and philosophical faculty of Karlstads University (Sweden)
* House of Culture, Järna (Sweden)

* Museum of Örnsköldsviks (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Contemporary Art Center, Södertälje (Sweden)
* Slottsgaleriet, Château de Ekeby, Ekerö. (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* ”Matérialisation - Visualisation; Un Monde d´Invention” Contemporary Art Center, Södertälje.(Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Contemporary Art Center, Trelleborg, Bryggeriet (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Primavera, Helsinki (Finland) (solo exhibition)

* Contemporary Art Association Siemens konstförening, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Contemporary Art Association Saab, Linköping (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* ”Parasitage Sale Quadrillatero”, Kjartan Slettemark studio Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Bienal ”Antimouvimiento”, Buenos Aires (Argentina) (solo exhibition)

* Gallery Blå, Linköping. (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* International Contemporary Art Fair Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Public commission ”EVOLUTION”, City of Nykvarn / Södertälje (Sweden)

* ‘’Forces Naturelles’’ Contemporary Art of Väsby, Upplands Väsby (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Kretsen, Södertälje. (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Danielson, Borgholm. (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Invitation to competition to public commission school of Rosenborgskolans city of Södertälje (Sweden)
* ”Desface” Gallery Kretsen, Södertälje (Sweden)

* International Contemporary Art Fair Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Saltskoggård, Liljevalchs home, Södertälje (Sweden)
* “Ett Sverige för alla” Magma galleriy Stockholm (Sweden)
* ‘’Hommage to Ilmar Laaban’’ Liljevalchs Museum, Stockholm (Sweden)

* “Le Cri Des Divinités’’
* French institute, Copenhague (Danemark) (solo exhibition)
* French institute, Helsinki (Finland) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Pelin, Helsinki (Finland) (solo exhibition)
* French-Norwegian Center, Stavanger (Norway) (solo exhibition)
* French institute, Oslo (Norway) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Lundmark, Täby. (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleri Ebert & Björk, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleri Roos, Nässjö (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleri Kvarnen, Orrefors (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galerie Torcatis, Perpignan (France) (solo exhibition)
* Project on water towers “Drop” 8 water towers chosen as support for plastician action on architecture representing a family of trolls “to Rosenlund, city of Södertälje (Sweden).

* The Fair of the Church “A Space People” contribution of an ossuary transparent (Sweden)
* International Contemporary Art Fair Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Futura, Stockholm (Sweden)
* The Fruit of Thinking Castle Vespeille les Pins, Rivesaltes. (France)
* Creating design of a Muscat wine boltle “Parasite Climber” Castle Vespeille pines, (France)

* “The Lord of the two towers” proposed development of ventilation towers over 60 meters for the
* Perimeter Highway Stockholm. Competition in collaboration with the advisor board of State of infrastructure K-Konsult, Stockholm (Sweden)
* Editing table “Carrier-Carrier”, T-Shirts “Men Parasite“ and ”Female Parasite“.
* Public commission main entrance of Casino, Stockholm
* ”Irréalization” Gallery Art & Form, Stockholm. (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* Gallery28, Göteborg (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Ludvig, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Uppsala Stadsteater galleriet, Uppsala (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleri Pictor, Göteborg (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleri Art Union, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Zaar-Johansson Fine Art, Helsingborg (Sweden)
* International Contemporary Art Fair Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* Spring Salon Liljevalchs Museum, Stockholm (Sweden)
* Gallery M, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleriy Latona, Stockholm (Sweden)
* Gallery 11, Stockholm (Sweden)
* International Book Fair , Göteborg (Sweden)
* Gallery - Södra galleriet, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* Art on Paper House of Culture, Stockholm. (Sweden)
* Music-video French Institute in Stockholm and Video-Art Festival Perpignan. (Sweden and France)
* Gallery Studio 5 Jan-Krister Boman, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Fenix, Kristianstad (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* “Unreality” French Institute (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* International Fair of Contemporary Art, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Galleriy Diana, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Gallery Kvarnen, Orrefors (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* Gallery Atrium, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)

* Gallery Nakita, Stockholm (Sweden) (solo exhibition)
* Scenography for musical entretaitment in Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhague

* Scenography for the play called “Fritt Fall” by Hilda Hellwig,Theatre Aurora, Stockholm (Sweden)

* Boris Vian Foundation, Eus and Paris (France)

* ”25ème prix de la jeune peinture catalane” Sala Pares, Barcelona (Spain)
* Painting happening, Port-Leucate (France)

* Foundation Sant Vicens, Perpignan (France)

Public commissions

• 2020 Development of a cemetery with several playful sculptures, public order, the municipality of Skövde (Sweden)
• 2019 Development of a building complex with several playful sculptures, public order, the municipality of Gothenburg (Sweden)
• 2018 Arrangement of a schoolyard in Mörsil skolan with benches, public order, Municipality of Åre (Sweden)
• 2017 Rotating chair furniture in the public square of Mariaplan Torg in Kungsladugård commissioned by the municipality of Gothenburg (Sweden).
• 2016 Rest area with tables and benches furniture for five train / RER stations in Paris ordered by SNCF (France)
• 2015 “Recreational sculptures” LOBELIAN-SÖDRA HEDVIGSLUND – ÄLTA (Nacka/Stockholm)(Sweden).
• 2015 “Recreational sculptures” Badhusparken/Hyllie, Malmö Stad(Sweden).
• 2015 “Recreational sculptures” EuroDisney Marnes La Vallée, Paris, (France).
• 2015 “Recreational sculptures” Park, Göteborg Stad (Sweden).
• 2014 “Main entrance organisation FUB and RBU Gothenbourg City (Sweden).
• 2014 “Recreational sculptures” Falun City Council (Sweden).
• 2014 “Recreational sculptures” Stockholm City Council, Akalla center (Sweden).
• 2014 “Caravanic” Price for Trollhättan City Council “Cultural Capital 2014” (Sweden).
• 2013 “Recreational sculptures - GENICART SUD” Bordeaux (France).
• 2011 “Recreational area” Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, Paris, (France)
• 2010 “Spirel 1” Fittja, Stockholm, organization Botkyrkabyggen AB, Berg & Väg Maskin AB (Sweden)
• 2008 “Recreational parc, Art & Technology” Geneta center. City of Södertälje, Graflunds fastighet AB. (Sweden)
• 2002 “Illusion” mural Sabbatsberg hospital, public commission. (Sweden)
• 2001 “Portables Wings”main entrance KTH-South and Södertörn University, Södertälje. (Sweden)
• 1998 “EVOLUTION” concret sculpture, Turinge high-school, city of Nykvarn. (Sweden)
• 1995 French ambassy, Stockholm, Oslo, Köpenhamn, Stavanger, Helsingfors. public commissions
• 1993 “The Lord of the two towers” design proposals for the design of a ventilation tower 60 m high, in cooperation with K-Konsult, southern link Stockholm (Sweden). The project was never achieved, but much discussed.


* Georges Pompidou Art Center, Museum of Modern Art city of Paris (France)
* French Institutes and Ambassies of Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhague, Stavanger, Helsinki
* AFAA (Association Française d´Action Artistique) in Paris (France)
* Museum of Örnsköldsvik (Sweden)
* Södertälje City Art Council (Sweden)
* Trollhättan City Art Council (Sweden)
* Stockholm City Art Council (Sweden)
* Royal institute of Technology KTH (Sweden)
* University of Södertörn, Södertälje (Sweden)
* Sabatsberg Hospital, Stockholm (Sweden)
* Fittja, Stockholm (Sweden)
* Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles, Paris (France)
* Göteborg City Art Council (Sweden)
* Malmö City Art Council (Sweden)
* Falun City Art Council (Sweden)
* EuroDisney, Paris (France)
* Bordeaux City Art Council (France)


• 2020 ART Grant from the SWEDISH ART GRANTS committee (Konstnärsnämnden is the State Council for Culture in Sweden).
• 2014 Stockholm City Cultural Council for the opera “I Annan Himmel” (Sweden).
• 2013 Innovation Stockholm (Sweden).
• 2010 Nordic Art Foundation, Norden Nordisk kulturfond, Oslo, (Norway).
• 2009 Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology - SIAT rewarded by the Foundation of Norrbacka-Eugeniastiftelsen, Stockholm (Sweden)
• 2008 Tillväxtverket - R&D - Innovation and development project “recreational sculpure and urban furniture”, Nässjö (Sweden)
• 2007 ESF (European Social Fund) project Stockholm Direct, Alby. (Sweden)
• 2001 Book and exhibition support from the AFAA (Association Française d’Action Artistique), FICA (Fond d’Intervention Culturel le et artistique) French Culture and Foreign Ministry. (France)
• 1995 Book and exhibition support from the AFAA (Association Française d’Action Artistique), FICA (Fond d’Intervention et Culturel artistique) French Culture and Foreign Ministry. (France)
• 1990 Book and exhibition support from the AFAA (Association Française d’Action Artistique), FICA (Fond d’Intervention et Culturel artistique) French Culture and Foreign Ministry. (France)

Membership :

ARS - BUS - CopySwede - STIM - ADAGP
1991-2000 KRO, Swedish artist organization - Konstnärscentrum-öst (KC).
1997-2000 Chairman for The Swedish Artists’ Organization (KC) is an organization covering the whole of Sweden working for professional artists. (Stockholm, Gotland och Uppsala region)

2001-2005 Lecturer and course coordinator in color and form in innovation and design education that has been awarded “Best technical training in 2004” at KTH Royal Institute of Technology as well as course director for “Art, technology, color and shape” at KTH and Södertörn University.

Som links with Referenses

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* La Bible de l´art singulier - Artension
* Gallery Art & form Stockholm
* Svenska Konstnärer (Swedish Artists)
* The Free Figuration movment - Figuration Libre Wikipedia
* Art & Technology Coulor and Form KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)
* Irréalist Art Éditions

His works have been recognized mainly through its projects, exhibitions, TV interviews, newspaper articles, art critics and bibliographic editions of books and art book éditions.

His works are represented in collections both public and private, throughout Europe and the United States. From the Saatchi Gallery in London until the exclusive offices of large international companies, embassies of France, Institute and Cultural Center of Scandinavia, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Helsinki see [public orders] to the offices of the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs in Paris (AFAA office Max Moulin), Parc des Expositions, Porte de Versailles Paris, EuroDisney Paris, Malmö City Council, Göteborg City Council, Stockholm City Council, Falun City Council, Trollhättan City Council, Bordeaux City Council, Perpignan City Council and other companies and universities arround the world.

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