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The IRREALIST ART EDITIONS is a company that brings together a team of designers, production engineers and qualified contractors.

We are and have always been radical and innovative in our methods and ways of working.

We hope to find customers among those who want to try new design concepts.

√ We developp and produce urban equipment and playground equipment or designed furniture, design products in multiple materials for indoor or outdoors environments.

√ We also work and collaborate with the company ARTOTEC Recreational Sculptures and Urban Furniture [Art & Technology] in the development of innovative, robust, educational and playfull equipment as well as kitchenware, glass design, bottles, and other specific projects.

√ We support independent or public contactors with new and functional design for their own projects, design products, art, company presentations for private or public facilities, permanants or temporary.

√ We use both modern technologies and best practices for the production of prototypes and manufacturing processes, all imbued with artistic expression based on the concept of realism.

Do not hesitate to contact us to maintain opportunities for possible production or co-production.




Urban Design

We develop in collaboration with ARTOTEC AB unique playful sculptures and furniture for parks and outdoor environment that are innovative, accessible and durable, easy to use and easy to install.

Furniture Design

We produce ourselves or in partnership with established manufacturers and craftsmen. We propose multidisciplinary manufacturing methods, knowledge of materials and production facilities.

Products Design

We produce, develop tools and functional products for businesses and individuals, all with a distinct identity and artistic appeal.


The Irrealism is an artistic concept, highlighting ideas, dreams, visions and utopian projects seem unachievable.

The impossible suddenly seems possible, visual and tactile and present to become concrete and then finally be realized. Thus, the limits of traditional and right are exceeded, surpassed or even exceeded.

New approaches, experiences and developments authentic works of art and functional, but also requires a public and a clientele that is willing to take bold new measures, regardless nervously around them. A brand for a moment and witness an original association of ideas and achievements fortuitous feeding a fantasy world in a very real world.

"The true reality is always unrealistic." - Franz Kafka -

Read the manifesto on the unreality, a work in progress and incomplete "Beyond the familiar reality of visions, concepts and events."

2D - 2.5D - 3D sound images and mobile are among the dimensions in which we operate.

Music / for images, movement and stories for a time lived today. Contemporary history and development in the future.

In the areas of film and photography, we have completed several projects in collaboration with international photographers and filmmakers.

Irrealism - unrealism in my art confirms and shows that there exists a world in which we live filled with fantasy, dreams, discoveries, humor and contemplations which leave no one unmoved, unaffected, and which influence and manipulate our existence; the art of living, seeing and knowing,” he says. “Fate has led me through a journey in reality and ‘unreality’ which I call irréalisme; a type of reality, the other reality, a world of reality that is now and present via intuition.”

Production & Edition


Contact us right away for all consultations, to know our recommendations and our proposals.

"The true reality is always unrealistic". - Franz Kafka -

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