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Logotype Design

Irrealist Editions develop and produce with great interest on the unique design and art, original, personal logos that can produce a strong and innovative brand character and identity.

We use the latest technologies combined with traditional crafts and we developed unique logos for various uses such as business cards, signs and descriptive panels, stamps, etc ... which are significantly different from what the market can offer.

Irrealist Editions may on request create other specific design.

We have an extensive network of graphic designers, printing facilities and industries that offer us great opportunities.

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Logotype Design & Marketing Emblem


"ARTOTEC" Recreational Sculptures and Urban furniture with [Art & Technology]


"Irréaliste Förlaget"
Art - Books - Film & Music
Edition & Production


"Juridical Office" Bernt Jardemar


"ISIS Kammare"


"The Perfect Circle" Art Project




"KTH-Syd" Innovation & Design.


"ARTOTEC" Recreational Sculptures and Urban furniture with [Art & Technology]


Art, Design and Technology.

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Price excluding VAT, 2 to 8 weeks delivery time, 50% deposit with order, the invoice 10 days after the good reception of the order.
For bulk orders we will offer you a detailed discounted offer.

For other questions, please contact us by email or telephone.

About a possible production or collaborative projects. Send us a written request. We will reply as soon as possible, do not hesitate, we encourage dialogue and creative ideas, nothing is impossible everything is possible with creative solutions, determination and creativity.

"The true reality is always unrealistic". - Franz Kafka -

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