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Music Production

Electro-acoustic Universal Art Music

Irrealist Editions combine the graphical and technical design with musical creations. We have a strong interest and commitment to design original custom works full of character and identity.

This is with the latest technology (recording methods and technologies) combined with traditional craftsmanship and multidisciplinary skills that we develop and produce unique compositions for film music, website, telephone signals, advertisment or even music performances ... works that contrast sharply with what the market can offer.

We can, upon request, perform other creations.

Enjoy the art at a reasonable price !

We have an extensive network of recording studio productions CD, vinyl or digital and sectors that offer us great opportunities.

Our works and services are appropriate and appreciated by many connoisseurs worldwide.

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Electro-acoustic Universal Art Music


Phrasejazz by Frédéric Iriarte
Electro-acoustic arrangements strange, unpretentious and innovative.
Fortunately accidents, lucky to be discovered and processed.


The idea of the concept of UNIC 6 is inviting artists, musicians, composers, improvising on the rhythm of the universal music, freestyle without limitation ...


Natural Jazzy Fusion Ltd/Corp
Featuring Frédéric Iriarte & Juan Carlos Jimenez


Paris Zoo Motion
Featuring Frédéric Iriarte & Marino Zappellini


Creasy Jazz, irrational fusion of personalities, sensitive and free.
Trapped in a common musical art world, members of JreasyCazz intimately communicate their moods or creative impulses.


Chaotique Orchestre
Together in pursuit of total freedom of musical expression.
Happenings, performances, improvisations chaotic and impulsive, concerts seemingly structures or compositions based solely on the time of a common reality, and felt any spiritual confidence.

Electroacoustic Universal Art Music Group on Facebook

Electroacoustic Universal Art Music Group on Facebook

Record Label - Partners


Hellstone Music, Wincorp, Clavier, Timo Haukka, Irréaliste Förlaget, ARTOTEC Productions, Musikaffärn, Elektronmusikstudion EMS, Zebra Music, Alkan´s RockHouse, Guitar people, Westman Sonic Art.

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Other bands and musicians with whom we worked in the studio and recorded jamed :

Order and Delivery Conditions

Price excluding VAT, 3 to 8 weeks delivery time, 50% deposit with order, the invoice 10 days after the good reception of the order.
For bulk orders we will offer you a detailed discounted offer.

For other questions, please contact us by email or telephone.

About a possible production or collaborative projects. Send us a written request. We will reply as soon as possible, do not hesitate, we encourage dialogue and creative ideas, nothing is impossible everything is possible with creative solutions, determination and creativity.

"The true reality is always unrealistic". - Franz Kafka -

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